Biography of the Artist



Luz Celeste Figueroa is an young artist venezolan. Her art work brings us the diversity of humanity in their art by capturing the emotion, beauty, love, hope and wisdom in the faces of all people.
Seeing our humanity in the faces of different people can bring us understanding and connection to the many different cultures of the world.
Interesting faces of people are perfectly portrayed by her, who also suggested colors to moods. The living hue travels to the subdued tones that offer another visual dynamic type. Her feels the necessary renewal that goes around doing art creative spirit.
Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Her graduated from the School Of Arts "Arturo Michelena" and Technical Colleges in Graphic Design. Her was an active member of the AVAP (Venezuelan Association of Artists). Her has participated in several exhibitions and group exhibitions in different regions of the Country.
Her won first prize in the "Place National Exhibition Monumental de Valencia" was selected to participate in the II MEGA NATIONAL EXHIBITION in HOMAGE TO JESUS ​​SOTO, in the Museum "The Prints and Design Carlos Cruz-Diez," won the WORDS HONORÍCA "LIVING CABRIALES 2007".
Luz Celeste Figueroa is currently resident in the United States. She has exhibited her work in various galleries in South Carolina.
Artist with Portrait Good Cause and the good works that we are doing to help military families, foster children and children being treated for cancer. Luz Celeste Figueroa donates her time and talent as a painter, in the nonprofit, The Heart Gallery (across the country), to bringing attention to foster children who are in need of “Forever Homes”. All children deserve a good home and loving family and Luz Celeste Fugueroa artist is dedicated to helping the children to find theirs.


Un saludo,

Luz Celeste